Benefits of Aluminum and Vinyl Fences

If you’re in the market for ornamental fencing, you have quite a few options to choose from. Wood, steel, and iron fencing are common choices, but you might be surprised to learn that aluminum and vinyl fencing can look just as good for a fraction of the time and money. The following advantages make these some standouts in the fencing world.

Lower Costs With Strong Beauty

Ornamental fencing doesn’t have to be as sturdy, tall, or impenetrable as security fencing, but the costs can still add up, especially if you have a large amount of land to cover. When you choose aluminum or vinyl fencing, your costs will automatically be lower than the iron or wood alternatives–and they are still incredibly sturdy.

That’s because these fabricated materials are easier to manufacture, and they require fewer hours to install, so you’ll pay less for the raw materials as well as the labor. Luckily, these two ornamental fencing types are also the least likely to require costly repairs or maintenance later.

More Style Options

If you want a fence that maintains perfect harmony with your home’s architectural style, you need one that’s versatile enough to match anything. Aluminum ornamental fences and vinyl fences are very easy to transform into different styles, colors, and shapes. Instead of searching for wood cuts that perfectly match your home’s exterior design features, you can opt for a clean white vinyl that’s timeless and versatile. Vinyl fencing comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, with posts of varying widths and ornamental details that can be customized to suit your particular tastes.

Aluminum fences are also easy to personalize. Their finish is created by coating the aluminum in a fine powder that lasts a very long time, and the powder determines the overall color and texture that the fence will have. Shiny silver is far from your only option; if you want a matte blue fence, you can custom-order a fencing finish in that shade. It will be hard for neighbors to tell there’s aluminum underneath the finish at all.

Easy Maintenance – Easy Like Sunday Morning

Wooden fences rot and warp over long periods of time, while wrought iron fences rust. Vinyl and aluminum don’t have these maintenance problems, so homeowners and landowners often choose them to ensure long-term durability and attractiveness. You can keep up the appeal of your vinyl fence with soap and water, which is both cheaper and easier than re-staining and re-sealing wood, or treating metal for pesky rust and weather damage.

To keep ornamental vinyl fences looking brand new, all you have to do is hose them down every few months. The same is true for aluminum fences, which don’t collect grass cuttings, mildew, or soggy leaves the way that their wooden and iron alternatives do. The  powder finish and stainless steel attachments are resistant to the discoloration and moisture damage that are so common in places with grass, trees, and flowers.

More Adaptable to Your Environment

If your property is full of dips and hills, your fence needs to accommodate this without looking uneven. Aluminum and vinyl fences are particularly reliable for this purpose; they can be adapted so that each post is a different height, and the top rail and pickets will still be able to line up and create a perfect, straight horizon in front of your home.

Don’t overlook these powerhouses in the fencing world.  Buy sturdy beauty that you can depend on…

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