Can a Rookie Install a Chain Link Fence?

Do you have pets, small children, or a pool? Do you live in an area with wildlife or extreme weather? If you own your home, it’s always important to protect the boundaries of your property, but fencing is especially essential when there’s a threat that someone — or something — will come in or out without your knowledge.

That’s why so many homeowners opt for chain link fences; they’re sturdy and versatile, so they’re up to the challenge of providing extra-strength protection, and they’re an affordable as well. With DIY home improvement projects filling up the Internet and budget cuts affecting so many jobs, it might be tempting to fence your backyard yourself.


Do DIY Fence Installs Save Money?

We understand why frugal homeowners might want to handle their own home improvement projects. However, throughout our five decades of fencing Georgia yards, we’ve had to correct countless problems that were caused by well-intended amateur installations. When it comes to fencing, long-term stability should be your top priority, and we don’t want you to learn this the hard way.

Self-installed chain link fences are prone to a whole host of problems, including:

  • Uneven alignment or spacing – the top rail shouldn’t slope even if your yard does, hinges should line up evenly with each other, and the gaps between posts should be identical
  • Poorly placed terminal posts – gates and corner posts must be spaced so that the gates close and open easily, without any big gaps that small animals and children can squeeze through
  • Incorrect post depth – when homeowners don’t know how to accommodate the local terrain, they dig holes that are too shallow or too deep
  • Rusting – caused by choosing the wrong type for your climate, or foregoing coating
  • Instability – properly installed chain link fences can withstand high winds and impact without bending or falling down, but if every decision isn’t made carefully, your structural integrity suffers
  • Permit violation – some neighborhoods and municipalities require permits to construct fencing of a certain height or depth, and you also run the risk of crossing property lines

If you try to install your own chain link fence and you make even one of these mistakes, you’ll end up costing yourself more time and money down the line. Additional materials like grass chalk, stakes, and tension wire add up, but without professional equipment, it’s practically impossible to take precise measurements and make precise markings before installing each post.

When you choose self-installation over professional fencing services, you’re sacrificing your valuable free time just to save on the cost of labor. You’re also inviting the risk of structural issues that might lead to future expenses, making the DIY route much more costly than simply hiring us and getting it right the first time.

Instead of taking these risks, leave the planning and installation to us. Because we have Central Fence locations in Statesboro, Swainsboro, Sandersville, and Vidalia, we’re familiar with a wide variety of Georgia terrains and neighborhoods. We know the limitations and requirements of different yard dimensions and topographies, so we’ll know exactly how deep to plant each post.

After we discuss your preferences and assess the dimensions and conditions of your yard, we’ll be able to recommend the right chain link fence for your specific home, yard, and lifestyle. We can help you choose between aluminized, galvanized, or coated steel, and we’ll also let you know whether permits are necessary. We can even work together to accommodate neighborhood regulations without compromising the security of your yard.

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