Commercial Fencing Checklist: 5 Things You Need to Know

Many businesses in the area need fencing. Whether you need to keep nighttime burglars out or farm animals in, a fence is how you do it. Of course, a commercial fence is somewhat different than a residential fence you would put around your home. You may want an extra tall chain link fence or a wooden panel fence that isn’t see through. When deciding on your commercial-grade fence, keep a few things in mind:



Why are you are looking for in a fence? Is privacy your main concern or security? How many gates will you need and what type? Do you have a common area that you want to keep easily accessible, like a courtyard? You need to think about all of these, and more, and discuss them with your fence company.



Where do you want the fence to go? Do you want to fence the entire commercial property or only a portion? Do you have bushes or other items in the proposed fence line that will need to be cleared or removed? Keep in mind, you don’t want the fence right up against any trees that allow for easy access to climb over.



As a company, your budget may be very strict or you may have a little wiggle room in what you can pay for the fence. It is important to say this upfront when beginning to plan with the fencing company. Keep in mind that the fence price you are initially quoted is subject to change, due to material and fuel costs. The only way to completely lock in the price is to sign a contract, so until you do so, you may not know exactly what the fence will cost you.



Many cities, including those here in South Georgia, require a permit before constructing a fence. For this reason, it is imperative that you check with your local planning office or zoning department for more information. This will help you know exactly what you can have and where you can place it.



For a commercial fence, it typically takes anywhere from one week to a month to begin installation after you have signed the contract and paid. Exactly how long it will take in your situation depends on the time of the year, weather, construction delays, and material shipments. How strict if your timeframe? Already having finished clearing the fence line and paying right away will help speed up the process.


Your fence should be exactly what your company wants and needs. Central Fence can help you achieve this. To get started, contact us today.

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