Ornamental Fences Are a Great Commercial Fencing Option

There are twin misconceptions, in both the construction trade and in many homeowners’ minds, concerning the term “ornamental fence.” Ornamental fences are the new study, maintenance-free way to get elegance and style at a cost and care level you can appreciate.

To many people, it evokes images of ironwork; of intricate metal constructs comprising uprights with filigree finishes and flourishes. While those architectural details are indeed correct, it’s the idea that an ornamental fence must be made of iron that’s wrong.

In the minds of many layman fence-buyers, the word “iron” simply conveys metal of any sort, and that’s the second misconception. Iron rusts, iron requires a great deal of maintenance, and real wrought iron isn’t even produced on a commercial scale any longer. Unscrupulous retailers may describe their products as being wrought iron, “wrought” meaning worked by hand, but this is no longer true.

Happily, durable ornamental fences are available in two far less troublesome materials; steel and aluminum.


Ornamental fence is any open fence, other than those comprising barbed wire or chain link, used to frame, accent or decorate a landscaping or architectural feature. An open fence, in turn, is one that comprises less than 50 percent of closed area, made up of planks, stakes, rails or other material that interrupts the free passage of light and air.

Ornamental fences are most commonly used to delineate specific areas, such as the line between abutting properties, or around expensive landscaping, or along drives and walkways. They are, thus, perfect for the owners or developers of commercial properties, where they can define parking areas, spaces set aside for relaxation, and prevent ready access to sensitive locations (you may not want members of the public to be able to wander over to the windows of your accounting department, for instance).

CENTRAL FENCE – Commercial Installation in 6 States

Central Fence is family-owned and operated. We’re licensed and insured, and a member of the American Fence Association. We’ve been in business since 1964, and we do a great job, at the right price, every time.

Commercial installation is available across the entire southeastern quadrant of the U.S. (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and both North and South Carolina), and wholesale pricing and material sales can be made available.


As noted, iron fencing and gates are upkeep-intensive. Typically, Central Fence’s commercial customers aren’t looking for a picky fence, that needs ongoing maintenance, and with the ornamental stock we carry, this isn’t necessary.  We offer our ornamental fences in both in steel and aluminum. These materials respect the legacy of wrought iron fencing, being both attractive and elegant, while adding higher manufacturing quality to the mix.

For commercial customers designing or refitting properties such as hotels, mixed-use facilities and comprising amusement areas, ornamental fencing is the ideal solution to the problems of unobstructed access.

Two- or three-rail fence is the norm; “rail” in this context describing the horizontal cross members separated by the uprights, properly called pickets.

Picket spacing of between four and six inches is typical for ornamental fence, keeping clients and other visitors to your premises where you want them (and away from where you don’t). Three-inch spacing ensures the exclusion of curious children and pets from potentially dangerous areas (such as pools). Decorative fencing manufactured to the latter dimensions exceeds Code requirement in almost all jurisdictions.

We offer our products in two grades; all-purpose, for residential and light commercial applications, and heavy-duty for industrial and commercial applications. All ornamental fencing is available with matching swing gates, making it a great commercial fencing option.

Learn more about your fencing options by reaching out to your local Central Fence Office.

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