Family-owned and operated since 1964

“It is not about projects or jobs, but about people and relationships.” This is the foundation upon which Central Fence was built.

Robert Hutcheson founded Central Fence in 1964 to provide the Swainsboro and surrounding areas with quality fencing and workmanship. Robert worked diligently to grow the business, and Central Fence became a thriving business, employing hardworking local men and women and positively impacting the community.

In 1976, Robert married Marie and welcomed her four children into the family and Central Fence. Cliff, Andy, Mike and Kristy were often seen sharing the work in the business that could now certainly be called a family business. For many years, Central Fence continued to grow and prosper, with Robert, Marie and their kids, working to ensure integrity, fair prices and excellent service was delivered to every customer, right along with their beautiful and long-lasting fences.

"Our goal is to continue to grow this business and provide our customers with the best quality product available and to uphold the standards of perfection that Robert founded the company on in 1964."

Tragedy struck in 1996 when Robert was killed in a tragic hunting accident. Days later, Marie's son, Mike, was killed in a automobile accident. Both men were adored at home and at work, so their loss was, at times, almost insurmountable.

Andy continued to manage the day to day operations, for his mother, until 2001, when Andy, and his wife, Teresa, acquired ownership of the company. In March of 2010, the business became a WBE (Women's Business Enterprise), when 51% of the ownership transferred to Teresa H. Dixon. Their son, Chesley, works alongside them.

“Our prayer is that Chesley and his family continue the family business and may one day celebrate 100 years of service.”