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Staying Hydrated While Summer Gardening

There is one thing that is always certain in this area – it’s HOT in Georgia during the summer. In this heat, it can be dangerous to be out in your garden without proper hydration. Staying hydrated and healthy isn’t too difficult though, especially so if you have some summer gardening tips handy.

Take breaks (and take them often)

It’s easy to get lost in a gardening rhythm and forget to take breaks, but few things can be more helpful to staying hydrated than simply taking lots of breaks. Put yourself on an hourly schedule when working out in the yard and hydration will be much less of a concern.

A great way to schedule yourself is to reward task completion with downtime! That way, every time you complete an important step you have some time to re-hydrate and get your bearings before going back out into the heat.

Eat less salty foods and more fruits

Fruits are one of the best things to eat when hydration is your chief concern. Lots of them, like apples, oranges, and grapes, hold water inside their peels and can be eaten without a drink to get some fluids back inside your body.

Of course, processed foods and other salty snacks will sap up your water, so you should probably avoid them as best as you can when working out in the heat. If you must indulge, don’t forget to drink lots of water during or afterward to make up for that lost hydration!

Flavor your water

Making your water more flavorful is a great way to incentivize taking an extra drink to stay hydrated. There are plenty of products on the market that will flavor your water with little effort, but, in a pinch, a lemon or lime slice will work just as well!

Some vegetables, like cucumber, are also great for adding to water for a unique flavor. Consider using them to mix it up and get a different taste than the normal lemon or strawberry.

We don’t think you’ll ever forget to drink water when it’s hot outside but remember there are always other ways to hydrate yourself. Being conscious of your hydration options will protect you from exhaustion and heat stroke – nothing is more important when summer gardening.

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