The Cost of Wood vs. Vinyl Fences

As a homeowner, you know there are many attractive considerations and features available to enhance  the beauty of your home. When you are trying to make your home stand out, fencing likely comes to mind. Vinyl fences and wood fences come in a variety of styles and budgets — and they can really impact the look of your home.  Let’s look at the typical costs associated with each type of fence.

Cost of Vinyl Fences vs. Wood Fences

When determining the cost of your fencing options between wood and vinyl you may see an immediate difference in financial choices. While you have many fencing options, the two we will cover in this article is vinyl fences and wood fences. These two materials provide a popular and desirable aesthetic appeal to the landscaping needs of your family’s home. In reviewing the initial costs the general rule of thumb includes the following numbers, per linear foot installed, for the first five years:

  • Wood picket fence: Average of $10.00 to $35.00 depending upon region and quality of workmanship.
  • Wood privacy fence: Average ranging from $15.00 to $35.00, again much of the difference is based on your yard’s peculiarities.
  • Vinyl picket fence: More costly than wood, often in the range of $25.00 to $35.00.
  • Vinyl privacy fences: A beautiful decision for fencing, this is your most costly of the ones we’ll cover, with an initial cost of $30.00 to $55.00.

All of these fences will bring an unequaled, significant beauty to you home which has been known to provide an unparalleled definition to the homes return and immediate aesthetic quality.

Fence Maintenance

Vinyl fences may cause a sticker shock for homeowners when they see the initial installation cost for this type of fencing. However, there is a big trade off in terms of maintenance chores. Vinyl fences don’t require any maintenance.

Fence Materials

Another great consideration when determining the choice between wood and vinyl is the materials themselves. Some people like vinyl, and it does look a great deal like wood.  Some, however, insist on a real wood fence.  If this is of strong importance to you, you have wood choices like pine, cedar, and more to choose from.



In the long run, you have to decide what matters the most to you.  Do you want to pay more now, and reap the benefits of a fuss free fence?  If so, vinyl is your best option.  Or, are you more interested in paying less initially, and choosing from a variety of woods?  If this sounds more like you, choose a wood fence.

If you are unsure, and want to speak to an expert, please reach out to us.  Our installers have put up hundreds of fences, and our support and materials are the best in the business.  We’d love to be your fence specialists!

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