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Chain link fence enclosures are ideal for swimming pools, dog runs, and play areas add a level of peace of mind for the homeowner. It forms a safe playground, allowing children and pets to roam free – yet holds them within call. Affordable chain link fences combine quality, security and economy for years of maintenance free service.

Your chain link fence is on guard at all times, 24 hours a day, year in and year out, in all kinds of weather. Extending the usable dimensions of your property, a chain link fence can serve to divide your outdoor space into several use areas, as well as protecting you and your outdoor space from all types of intruders. Requiring no painting, chain link fence allows your beautiful yard to be seen. Add a climbing vine or privacy panels to give yourself privacy.

Residential and commercial customers choose chain link fences for security, privacy and to illustrate and maintain property lines. This type of fencing adds attractive symmetrical construction, blending with any background, adding beauty to the area it protects. Whether your outdoor area is perfectly level or delightfully rolling, a chain link fence follows terrain perfectly, with “split-level” adaptability.

Our chain link fence fabric, fittings, posts and rails are fully weather resistant, and pre-tested to assure maximum service. This type of fence withstand the most severe storms and requires an absolute minimum of maintenance. With no rot or decay, a quality chain link fence is built for many years of privacy and protection for residential and commercial fencing.

Central Fence offers galvanized chain link fencing, vinyl privacy inserts as well as vinyl coated chain link fence. Vinyl coated chain link fence comes in three colors: black, green and brown.