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Pamper Fido With His Own Luxurious Dog Kennel

Central Fence has been providing dog kennels for local pet lovers for over 50 years.  Our kennels are customized to the breed and family, with a strong attention to making your pup love his new home.  We are a strong part of the Swainsboro, Augusta, and Coastal Empire communities, and we enjoy working with pet-loving families in our area.  We try to buy locally when possible, and we know you do too!  If we all buy local when possible, our communities will grow ever stronger.

Please let us know an estimate of the size of your animal (now and at full size), and any terrain issues so that we can make this estimate as quick and reliable as possible.

We want to be your local dog kennel and fence company.

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    Note: we only service clients/customers within a 100-mile radius of our offices located in Swainsboro, GA. Please visit this link if you require services outside of our service area

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